Nazi Fungal Infestation Testing

Nazi Fungal Infestation Testing was unique compared to other Nazi experiments, and could probably be one of their most sick and gruesome human experiments of all time.

Nazi scientists that ants behaved strangely when exposed to “zombie fungi.” This inspired them to research this further, and they created a fungal mixture, which they called Zombex. They tried it on dogs first, and it was obvious the dogs were suffering agonizing pain and a disturbing, drawn out death. For some of the scientist, this was too much to bear, and they resigned. Little did they know, the worse was yet to come.

The remaining doctors used the only 2 of 12 dogs that had lived to infect humans, who were kept together in a cell. First, their eyes would go bloodshot and start bleeding, as they screamed in pain. They foamed at the mouth, begging for mercy. Screams became moans, which became silence as they passed out. After 5 days, they woke up. One of them gouged out their own eyes. The other crawled to the corner and sat there, rocking himself. Soft moans came from his mouth.

A day after, a small fungus grew out of the eye sockets of the one who gouged their eyes out. The other one was still rocking in the corner, chewing his thumb. His thumb was all chewed up, and one gouged out the part of the bone could be seen. Instead of blood, white puss would seep out. One of them under their breath said, “Our heart does not beat, yet, we live.” Skin would be falling off their body, along with the white puss and fungi. All of this, and they seemed like they were not affected. They don’t even breathe anymore, and yet they make simple movements of life here and there.

After two weeks, they had no more skin and a lot of their muscle were rotted away. They looked like fungal zombies, covered in their white blood. Eventually, a big, pulsating fungus grew out from their heads. A few days later, it would blow up, releasing pores. The scientists made more Zombex and stored it in a safe.

One of the scientists that resigned came back to the facility. He went mentally mad and wanted to stop this once and for all. Not even the biggest enemies deserved a death like this. Under secret, he slipped in bombs and blew up the facility, luckily it was underground. All the spores were released underground. No one knows what happened after that. The facility was locked down so the spores would not be released. To this day, the facility has not been rediscovered, and the Zombex was lost forever. 

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The luxurious Hotel del Salto opened in 1928 southwest of Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia, to welcome wealthy travelers visiting the Tequendama Falls area. Situated just opposite to the Tequrndama waterfall and on the edge of the cliff, it provided a breathtaking view to its guests. However, when the Bogotá river became contaminated tourists gradually lost interest in visiting Tequrndama Falls, and the hotel closed down in the early 90’s and was left abandoned ever since. Because of the fact that many people in the past chose the spot to commit suicide, many people believe it is haunted. The hotel was eventually turned into a museum.
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